Melville Capital is licensed, authorized and/or registered to transact life settlements in 34 States plus the District of Columbia. In addition, we monitor changes to state regulations and statutes to ensure compliance with applicable state laws.

To download an application for a life settlement, please click on the appropriate state that is right for you or your client.

As a rule of thumb, applications should be completed for the state in which the owner of the life insurance policy resides or where the Trust is domiciled.

Please note that in instances where state laws differ, Melville Capital and/or a principal of Melville Capital is licensed as a viatical/life settlement broker and/or a life insurance producer.

If you require assistance or additional information regarding the application process please contact us toll free at (866) 511-5990

  • States that regulate all settlements, regardless of the insured's health status
  • States that do not currently have specific settlement regulations
  • States that only regulate settlements for terminally/ chronically ill
  • States that have STOLI regulation only, but no specific settlement regulation *