Life Insurance Settlements – A Potentially Powerful Cash Generation Tool

NABTalk Magazine. Today’s turbulent economic climate requires that bankruptcy trustees proactively manage the assets in the estates they are administering in order to maximize their value.

Corporate owned life insurance policies, also known as “key person” policies, have traditionally been viewed as a “contingent asset,” meaning the policy has no value until the key person dies. Typically, the business (as owner of the policy) pays the insurance premiums…

Uncovering Hidden Value by Monetizing Corporate-Owned Life Insurance Policies

Connecticut Turnaround Management Association Newsletter. More than ever, today’s turbulent economic climate requires that troubled companies, either reorganizing or liquidating, observe the duty to maximize the value of their estates and assets.

In recent years, insolvency professionals have realized that monetizing life insurance assets, commonly overlooked in the often frenzied world in which we operate, is an option which may make a significant difference to the case.