Bankruptcy Law – Life Settlements

Discovering the Hidden Value of Life Insurance Policies: Application of Life Settlements in the Context of Bankruptcy

With the current economic realities, trustees and debtors-inpossession (“DIP”), typically with oversight by both secured and unsecured creditors, are proactively managing the assets in the bankruptcy estates they are administering to maximize values in order to provide a meaningful distribution to creditors.

Retail Stocks Rise, Consumer Confidence Steadies

Women’s Wear Daily. Retail stocks bounced back on Tuesday as word of stabilizing consumer confidence helped the S&P Retail Index end the month and quarter with beefy increases.

Doug Himmel, managing director at Melville Capital, said, “People are digesting and figuring out what is next. The market rallied 800 to 1,000 points in the last couple of weeks, and whether we’ve seen a bottom in consumer confidence remains to be seen.”

Settlements of ‘Keyman’ Policies May Increase

The Life Settlements Report. It’s not uncommon for companies to protect themselves against the loss of one of their most critical components – their high-ranking executives who possess the knowledge, institutional memory or talent for innovation that made the firm successful.

“Our marketplace is all about sifting through the maybes to get to the definites.” -Douglas Himmel, Melville Capital