Since our founding in 2005, we’ve developed and maintained strong relationships with some of the largest and most active Institutional Investors in the secondary market.

More recently, we expanded our Tertiary Desk to represent many of the same entities as they exit previously traded policies or portfolios.  In 2015, we transacted in excess of $1 billion in onshore and offshore assets on behalf of our clients.

What makes MCSPG unique is the firm’s ability to purchase ‘hard-to-sell’ or riskier assets with varied contingencies, such as:

  • Life contingent – Payments that are tied to an individual’s continued life.  Over the years, we have purchased life contingent assets, sometimes even without medical underwriting.
  • Time contingent - Current and/or future payments are that are to begin (or end) based on a fixed date or another triggering mechanism.
  • Claim contingent – Future value of an asset is dependent on indemnity claims made. MCPSG can purchase assets with continued tail-end risk.
  • Litigation risk – Asset value is exposed to current or future possible litigation.
  • Cash flow contingent – Consistent or inconsistent stream of payments

Examples of assets that we can purchase or monetize include:

  • Royalties / Copyright
  • Judgment
  • Cell phone tower and billboard leases
  • Reverting payment streams
  • Annuities and Structured Settlements
  • Cash deposit accounts
  • Insurance risk transfer transactions
  • Beneficial interests in trusts

Furthermore, MCSPG can provide complete liquidity solutions for a Bankruptcy Estate’s remaining asset(s).

Benefits to the Seller (and Professionals), could include:

  • Maximizing asset recovery for all creditors
  • Monetizing overlooked, difficult-to-value or illiquid assets
  • Proceeds from asset sale can fund a corporate turnaround, reduce leverage, drive liquidation and recovery values
  • Help fund professional fees
  • No obligation & no upfront costs

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Mortality-Linked Trading
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Sr. Vice President
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Kevin Carraher
Sr. VP, Capital Markets
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VP of Operations
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